Viktoria Pesak, founder of Interactive Counseling, has been helping individuals and groups find specific solutions to specific problems for years. She believes that finding our true-self is obligatory work for a balanced life, and that challenges and hardships exist to help us find our way into a better life. Challenges are not bad, they are difficult, but they are there to help us learn. Finding the positive aspect in every situation is one of the keys to moving forward and growing. Viktoria is here, to help her clients find a way out of their challenges and into a lighter, more enjoyable life.

To see our true-selves we need patience, we need to be brave, and we need to trust the process. There are no shortcuts. You must take the road reserved for you.

Here at interactive Counseling we encourage you to see who you really are—without “flaws,” masks, or social pressures that could lead you to act like anyone else rather then the REAL YOU.

Viktoria Peask and her educated team will re-teach you how to be happy, how to smile for real, and how to appreciate the slow small moments in life. We will re-learn how to laugh, be open with others, be kind, be playful, be in the moment, and how to enjoy life. This is what we believe life should be all about.

If your life seems boring, that doesn’t mean your life has to be boring. If your life seems stressful, that doesn’t mean it has to be stressful. We need to change our perspectives, and then our lives can change. In order to change, we must take action, and find what makes us happy.

That’s why the interactive counseling team is here, to guide you to the path that leads to your personal harmony. We all deserve a happy, balanced life.

​​We help people see where they are stuck, and show them how to move forward. Through this work we will help you to tap into your inner resources of patience, listening, and caring—so you can show yourself these traits. We are easy to talk to, and we commit to being fully in the present with you so that you can feel safe and be fully open.

We provide a safe, non-judgement space.