Unfold your possibilities and finally be free!

Are you feeling stuck?


Hello, I’m Viktoria. I will be your guide throughout this journey.

Are you feeling lost?


Totally powerless?

Tired of having the same kind of relationships?

Aren’t happy with your job anymore?

Did you lose control of your situations?

It is normal to feel this way, But it is NOT normal to be stuck there and give up. Sometimes we don’t know what to do, how to get out of certain life situations. With my guidance, you will find a way! You will see your circumstances from a different point of view, finding different solutions. Discover how to move forward, leave the bad habits behind, and add new purpose, new goals into your life. My therapy programs balance your desire to find new way with REAL SOLUTIONS!

A lot of times we don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel and don’t feel our selves. Take your life to the next level! Stop being a zombie, be a lively, happy individual again!

This is an exciting path, where you will find your own solutions to get out of your mental traps.



I offer a (no charge) 30 minutes consultation on the phone before our sessions begin.

I want to make sure we can work together and I can help.


The follow-up sessions are bringing awareness for the real issue that leads us to

  • unfold the problem
  • looking for different opportunities and solutions
  • finding different paths, and will choose the one is suits you the best